Monday, October 29, 2012


Lance Armstrong Southpark?


The Greatest Race Book

This is a great coffee table book featuring stunning modern photos of epic tour de france scenery and action. Available here


Valley Riding

Last weekend I took my second trip of the year out to Wales. I stay North of the Brecon Beacons close to the town of Builth Wells. From here you can get to some of the best climbs and routes in the UK. The famous Devils Staircase is in riding distance as is the Ellan reservoir circuit and the Brecon Beacons. If your looking for some tough longer climbs and stunning scenery reasonably close to London this is the place check our Instagram for more photos. 


Cinelli - The Art and Design of the Bicycle

The Italian bicycle company Cinelli has a massive history in creating beautiful bicycle products. This book covers recent all the way back to the early frames, stopping off at all the famous favorites in between e.g. the laser, the bmx, Keith Haring and countless other legendary projects. Available here

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Halloween?! Hell Tracks

Come for a ride Wednesday

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


CW Racing

I think this is my second BMX post, the first being for the Cinelli BMX. This CW Racing restoration is stunning, nice photo as well. This bike will have to go onto that long list of bikes I have to own before I die. 

Monday, October 22, 2012


What will Lance Armstrong do next? E-mail us your ideas

1. Get fat. 
2. Become our team coach. 
3. Carry on like nothing ever happened... and try not to get sued. 

E-mail us your ideas for an updated post. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Robbie McEwen Handlebar Cam through Japanese Crit

Incredible footage. Especially the final sprint, best watched from around the 33min mark. Seen on Flwrider. My man Beppu takes second. 


Girls Keirin is Back! Don't stop the music!

Keirin rider Aino Miho recently shared with me her tumblr keeping you updated on the world of woman's keirin. Its interesting they are using carbon fibre frames instead of steel and Olympic rules to keep the racing more similar to international racing. I wondered why Nitto came out with a NJS a head stem this year. Probably to fit on these ladies sweet Bridgestones and Gan Wells. Head over to Aino's tumblr here


Jonathons full NJS Nagasawa

This is the first full NJS Nagasawa we have built up. A big thanks to customer Jonathon who had the balls to give us the task! Your bike looks incredible. May your bike turn heads at the velodrome for many years to come! 
This bike features a fully custom Nakano red Nagasawa, Soyo Gold tyres, Sugino Gigas cog, Nitto SP72 with the 30mm rail, Toshi bartape. 
More photos here

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Camelbak Solvo Series

Something a bit different from Camelback. A classic waxed canvas bag for city use. This is a smart bag packed full of features and is sure to make some people very happy. All the function of Camelbak with some added style. Available here


Very special custom Road Rocket

Its very special because its mine. I got a taste of the the Rocket from the prototype, after that I needed to get on one permanently. The bike is not THE stiffest, lightest you could find but its so comfortable, handles so confidently and when you go all out the frame does not disappoint. I built the bike up with Shimano Ultegra as its a hard waring super stiff group which sharp shifting. For the wheels I chose the Hed Ardenne rims. Again these are not the lightest rims but the outstanding reviews tempted me. After riding A23's on the Colnago its hard to go back from the comfort of a 23mm wide rim and the Ardenne's are the original 23mm wide clincher. When Jamie said they were some of the nicest to build rims he had ever come across I knew I was onto something good. The rims are laced to Hope's on CX Rays. Twenty four holes on the back eighteen on the front. The wheels are everything I hoped they would be. The wheels are rigid but still comfortable, the rims rolls extremely smooth. Both the rims and the pre built wheelset will be available online soon and are available in store now. Lastly I upgraded the fork to a Enve. The Enve has made the front end a bit stiffer than the standard Columbus Minimal but a bit more twitchy and less comfortable. More photos here


Jacob at Red Hook Milan + Whats going on with the Hunt 2013?

Jacob headed out to Milan last weekend to race against the biggest names in the track crit world at the Red Hook Milan. This was Jacob's second fixed gear crit and he described it as far tighter and windier than the Hunt. Fighting for position early was critical and from Jacob's race report he just aggressive enough off the line. Still he fought for his own and held things together until the final lap. 
Last week off the excitement from RH we received a few inquires re whether there would be a HUNT.  2013. Yes its on! We're not 100% sure on the location but we will aim for around May time again and of course it will be bigger and better than last year. 

Head over to 5th Floor to find links to plenty of Red Hook coverage. 


Eggman A Novel

Friend of the shop J Milligan was in touch recently telling us about his book Eggman. The story is set in NY 2003 and tells the story of an ex bicycle messenger finding his way back into the trade and discovering a love for track bikes. 
Lucas Brunelle says "EGGMAN vividly portrays the amazing diversity a messenger deals with daily and how the messenger can go places that no other citizen can." It's a blast of a read.
When the book goes to print I'm sure we will get some in but for now you can get the books as a ebook here.  

Friday, October 19, 2012


Muddy Hell

We'll be there if we can get our hands on some cross bikes! More info here

Monday, October 15, 2012


Halley Cat


"The Constant Battle" A lovely little piece of writing at the North Race

We're all learning new things about ourselves and the sport of cycling as we go along. In this article Tim gives you a little insight into his own experiences with the sport and culture. Always quality on the North Race. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Pre Build Sturmey Archey S2 Kickshift Halo Wheels In Stock

The Halo Aerotrack is our top selling track wheel. Now its available with either a Sturmey S2 kick shift or coaster brake. Anyone out there building up a town bike or porteur ride should consider one of these. Available here


Now Stocking Velo Bici

We're now proudly stocking Velo Bici. Velo Bici is very good stuff. Their jerseys are a cut above everything else out there. Breathable but solid with no end of pockets and an extremely smart look. The bib shorts are made from meryl lycra, one of the softest performance fabrics around. All the Velo Bici clothing is proudly made in the UK. If you like nothing but the best this clothing is for you. Available here

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ed did it! 3000km to Casablanca, fixed

Our friend Ed recently rode the 3000km from London to Casablanca on his specially modified 2011 Dream Machine. You can still donate to his selected charities here

Friday, October 12, 2012


Londons best shops by Ride Journal at Editor

View the article here

Thursday, October 11, 2012


STAFF WANTED - Part Time Web Data Entry

We've been working on a new website for what seems like a lifetime. The finish line is in sight though! We are looking for some help on data entry. This means product descriptions, assigning web images etc. If you have experience with studio photography that is a plus. If you have experience with webshop data entry that is a big plus. Web data entry is boring tedious stuff so be prepared! Good computer skills are a must. We will require you to work from our west London warehouse, if you are not based in London please do not apply. 
Please make applications to


T-Level Restock


Tour De France Dopers

As the Lance case reaches boiling point here is a little chart by the NY Times illustrating the amount of doping from the fastest Tour De France finishers. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Finally some Tokyo Fixed Bib Shorts

Our 2012 Bib shorts are made by GSG, the same Italian factory that did our Jerseys. they've been making cycling apparel since 1984, providing Jerseys and Bibs worldwide.

The Bibs will match your Tokyo Fixed jersey, we chose black and white, keeping the design simple with small logos on the outside of the leg, and Tokyo Fixed emblazoned across the posterior.


Live from Shenzhen


Le Coq Sportif L'Eroica 2012 Clothing

We're now stocking Le Coq Sportif''s 2012 Eroica range. These soft wool jerseys are some of the best you can find. They're light and breathable enough to be worn in the Summer heat and cosy enough for Winter riding. Also this year LCS have introduced classic leather mits. These mits look like they might break bank but cost a surprising £28. Like last years range stuff will fly so act fast. 
Available here. 


Tokyo Fixed at L'Eroica 2012

L'Eroica 2012 was a blast. This year I drove out with Bobby taking 8 bikes in the van, so each one of us had a vintage and modern bike. So we could take full advantage of the stunning Tuscan riding. 


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