Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Racing at Hog Hill

Team riders Jacob and Marcus have been working hard this Summer building up their legs for upcoming fixed crits and whatever else they have a go at. They both recently got their race licences and within days of owning their first road bikes they are both racing. I'v been tagging along, shooting photos and soaking up the unbeatable british racing scene.
Last Thursday Jacob and Marcus entered their first road race, the Summer Series at Hog Hill circuit. The Summer series splits cat 1,2 riders and cat 3,4 riders into groups and sets them off at 2 minute intervals. The race lasts for 50 mins + 5 laps. The circuit is built on a hill overlooking the skyline of East London, the circuit is 2km in length and consists of two steep descents and one sharp fairly long climb.  
Our big mistake of the evening was underestimating the olympic traffic we would encounter getting from west London all the way east. We arrived only 15 minutes before before the racing kicked off leaving the guys with just enough time to get signed up and no time at all to get warmed up. Entering a race like this with no warm up is a death sentence. The looks on Jacob and Marcus's faces after their first lap was something I had hoped not to see until 50mins in. After the second lap Jacob, who had showed great form at Herne Hill on the previous weekend could stand the quick lactic build up no more and dropped off but Marcus ploughed though. Marcus stayed strong until the end, showing enough strength to chase a one man break down and attempting a break away on the final lap. But the top three places went to the riders who kept it steady and unleashed on the final climb which leads to the finish line. Despite not placing in the top three, Marcus seemed to me to be a real contender in his first race. I'm excited to see what the rest of the season will bring.
More photos here. You can view photos from the South Eastern Championships held on the blessed day of Wiggins victory here

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