Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Vulpine Founder Nick Hussey on the Bike Show Podcast

And he gives us a plug! Great work Nick! Listen here


Search and State S1-J Riding Jacket

The S1-J riding jackets brings a smart minimal style to your cycling wear. The jacket is built in the USA to last. Made from Swiss Scholler fabric the jacket is fully waterproof and breathable. Available here


Jacob's Custom Tokyo Fixed Custom Road Rocket

Jacob took advantage of his staff discount and designed his dream frame which he had custom made at our factory. The frame is built with a complete set of oversized Columbus Spirit tubes with a Columbus Minimal fork. Jacob designed this frame to his own exact measurements opting for a compact geometry for shorter tubes and a long head tube for ultimate stiffness. Jacob took just as much care designing his build using red kevlar cables, super light Kinlin rims and a Token bling box resulting in a 7.2kg build. Sweet bike. 


Racing at Hog Hill

Team riders Jacob and Marcus have been working hard this Summer building up their legs for upcoming fixed crits and whatever else they have a go at. They both recently got their race licences and within days of owning their first road bikes they are both racing. I'v been tagging along, shooting photos and soaking up the unbeatable british racing scene.
Last Thursday Jacob and Marcus entered their first road race, the Summer Series at Hog Hill circuit. The Summer series splits cat 1,2 riders and cat 3,4 riders into groups and sets them off at 2 minute intervals. The race lasts for 50 mins + 5 laps. The circuit is built on a hill overlooking the skyline of East London, the circuit is 2km in length and consists of two steep descents and one sharp fairly long climb.  
Our big mistake of the evening was underestimating the olympic traffic we would encounter getting from west London all the way east. We arrived only 15 minutes before before the racing kicked off leaving the guys with just enough time to get signed up and no time at all to get warmed up. Entering a race like this with no warm up is a death sentence. The looks on Jacob and Marcus's faces after their first lap was something I had hoped not to see until 50mins in. After the second lap Jacob, who had showed great form at Herne Hill on the previous weekend could stand the quick lactic build up no more and dropped off but Marcus ploughed though. Marcus stayed strong until the end, showing enough strength to chase a one man break down and attempting a break away on the final lap. But the top three places went to the riders who kept it steady and unleashed on the final climb which leads to the finish line. Despite not placing in the top three, Marcus seemed to me to be a real contender in his first race. I'm excited to see what the rest of the season will bring.
More photos here. You can view photos from the South Eastern Championships held on the blessed day of Wiggins victory here

Monday, July 30, 2012


48x17 in Athens getting their Tokyo Fixed frames built up!

Lovely Dart and Road Rocket builds from 48x17. If your living in Athens 48x17 are stocking the full range of Tokyo Fixed bikes, get on over and build one up! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Meeting Eddy Merckx at Look Ma

Eddy Merckx was in town today filming for the Cycle Show (ITV4). You do not pass up a chance to meet a living legend.
The greatest road cyclist that has ever lived. I’ll give you his rep sheet from Wiki, and you can soak it up:

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Black Sram Omniums back in stock!

Available here


Welcome to the Team Ben

Welcome to the team Ben. Bens setting the junior track scene a blaze. I'm looking forward to seeing Ben race this.


Death Spray Custom Interview on Cycle Exif

Death Spray Custom keeps on painting show stoppers. Now would be a good time to remind you we will soon be launching our DSC x TF Ono low pro, this is in production now, we will give a heads up when it ships. Check out the interview at Cycle Exif here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


From the Smoke to the Door Ride 2012

Find more Bike Ride in Paddington, United Kingdom

From the Smoke to the Door - Saturday August 4th

Now in it's 3rd year, leaving from Speakers Corner, Hyde Park at 9pm on the Saturday evening, this overnight ride takes us out of London, swoops South West in search of the New Forest then finally spits us out onto the beautiful beach
vista of Durdle Door on Dorset's stunning Jurassic coast. Take a swim through the famous arch (recommended!), breakfast at the nearby holiday park or strike out for a look at nearby Corfe Castle on the Isle of Purbeck.
We will have the luxury of a broom wagon shadowing the ride that can also carry your extra clothing and supplies - we strike out for the train back later in the afternoon depending on the weather. If its nice it's nice!

For those who might want to head straight back there are convenient train options very close by in Wool or Wareham direct to London.
Not strictly a geared ride but recommended, it's not shy of 150 miles...

If your interested in getting putting your name down for this ride e-mail ride orgaser Darren darrencoxson@hotmail.co.uk

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Good to see this 3Rensho again

Every year I try and get back to Japan, and when I do I buy 3Rensho's to sell through the shop. 2011 was a big haul of some really rare rensho's. This one was one of them and its really good to see it again in the amazing Rocket Company in Jakarta courtesy of a Prolly photo stream. 


Save the Velodrome - Golden Saddle Cyclery Grand Prix


Fixed No.12 Cover

Looking very racy and European this month around. I like it. 

Monday, July 23, 2012


North Race Site is Live!

The North Race has been up for one weekend and already its a top resource for some stunning photography and bike porn. I look forward to checking this new cycling news website on a daily basis. 


North Race Video

So much fun. Great work North Race

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Team Rider Jacob at the Swain's Lane Urban Hill Cimb

Team rider Jacob is hungry to get into some road events and he doesn't even have a road bike yet. Recently he's been training on a Enigma borrowed from the shop until he receives his custom black Road Rocket. 
I'm looking forward to seeing where Jacob came on this hill climb. Photo from here

Thursday, July 19, 2012


5th Floor Interview with Rich Mich

Head over to 5th Floor to view a nice little interview with the cycling illustrator of our time, Rich Mich.


Andy Ellis & his Brascona + Andy's Tour de Wolvh

Such a nice bike. Andy's Brascona is light and super tough. And he's rolling on some TF Deadly discs. Andy took his Brascona out to France recently to follow the tour in a camper van. The word is when Andy hit the mountains he made the rare move of swapping the track bike for a road bike. But I am yet to see any photos of Andy on a road bike. Photo above courtesy of Patrick at Pedal Consumption

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Team Rider Marcus's new Road Rocket

Oh yes, Marcus is onto a Road Rocket. Now go win some races! More photos here

Monday, July 16, 2012


Easton EA50 Build Kit

New from Easton for 2012, the EA50 build kit. The EA50 build kit delivers everything we could ask from a entry level build. Firstly the price. All components in this build kit are under £40. Weight? The build kit comes in at a meager 695g. With no sacrifice to quality, these are tough and stiff parts. And, last but not least, the look. If your looking for something stealth, which most of us in our right mind are, then these parts definitely deliver. All parts have a matching matte black finish with minimal white Easton branding. 
We highly recommend this finishing kit for your road or track bike. Available here


Take the step into some Lycra with Endura

Endura make some of the best entry level bib shorts you will find. The FS260 Bibshorts have simple black and white branding. They are made from a soft moisture wicking fabric with silicone grippers on the inside of the leg. Also there is a stash pocket in the back. To finish off the ergo look we are now stock the Ergofit Pro Mitt. Lightweight Mitts like this are breathable and obviously have a very light racy feel. Available here
For those who don't like the straps of the bib shorts or want something a bit cheaper we are also stocking Endura's 6 Panel Shorts


Paul Components Goodies

Highly desirable homeware from Paul Components. Get yours in new arrivals


Le Coq Sportif Tour De France Clothing / Instagram

As you probably already know Le Coq Sportif are the main sponsor of the Tour. As well as designing and manufacturing the winners jerseys LCS have designed a casual range of Tour inspired clothing. We have some of the range in store here
Also, make sure to follow Le Coq Sportif on Instagram! LCS have been regularly updating their Instagram with some beautiful and sometime quite personal photos of TDF coverage. Follow them at lecoqsportif.


Prolly Coverage of Fixed Fest Criterium

Very cool photos by Prolly of the Fixed Fest Criterium in Jakarta. Check more here

Friday, July 13, 2012


Tokyo Fixed Jersey Restock

We're now stocking Medium all the way to XXXXL for the bigger boys. Get yours here

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Fuck Yeah Peter Sagen

Fuck yeahh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Julians Road Rocket

Julians bike came out amazing. Lots of black with a bit of red and white. This bike stands out from the crowd. We built the bike with a mix of Sram Rival and Force, a Easton build kit and new H+Son Archetype rims laced with CX Rays to Novatec hubs. You can view more photos here


Road Rocket - Cycling Weekly Test Bike

Built up for the lucky fella's at Cycling Weekly. Fingers crossed they like it. We used a Ultegra group a Tune build kit. The wheels are Velocity A23's built with Sapim CX Rays to Strada hubs. The wheels were built by Strada as well. Oh and King Cage bottle cages. 


Three Hills Ride

Last Sundays ride started off wet. I met up with the boys from 5th floor at Epsom station and we rode a lap of Box Hill in heavy rain. From there Jacob and I left the group and rode into the hills following the Olympic route for a little while before turning off into a big loop around Peaslake to the famous Leith Hill climb. The Leith hill climb is fun but not as fun as the decent which drops you off right at the base of the short but steep White Downs Lane climb which comes in at a 18% average. From there we rode back up towards box hill for another short climb and then back to Epsom. The day was made memorable by the constant stream of water over the narrow lanes from a whole night of heavy rain. And the sun came out. You can view the route here


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