Saturday, June 02, 2012


Product reviews: Velocity A23 Rims and Rivendell Jack Brown Tyres

Building up my lastest Surly has given me a chance to use 2 of my favorite products we stock in the shop, the awesome A23 from Velocity and Rivendell's Jack Brown Tyres.

Lets start with the rims. I've been rolling on these on my monster track bike for months, and the new Crosscheck was also begging for pair. Velocity's A23 has that oh-so-trendy 23mm width that opens out narrower race tyres to a more tub-like profile allowing for a smoother ride and better cornering characteristics (and supports the fatter rando tyres on my Surly perfectly). Available in both machined and non-machined versions and weighing in at a staggeringly light 426g a rim they'll be my hoop of choice for years I'm sure. And you know what the best bit is? They're less than £50! Available here

Next up we're on to these American designed, Japanese made tanwall tyres from Rivendell. If you're as avid a reader of Bicycle Quarterly as I am (and you should be), you'll already know wide low pressure tyres roll just as fast as skinny rock-hard ones on smooth surfaces, and much faster on the rough. The supple sidewalls soak up road noise and keep your energy input moving you forwards, and my extensive cornering tests have been more than matched by the tread on these Jack Browns. Amazing, amazing tyre. Available here


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