Monday, April 30, 2012


Damn you rain...

It has been raining almost non stop for two weeks. The rain didn't stop the riders from LFGSS getting some training in this weekend, but it would be a little annoying if it rained the coming Sunday. Although it would make things that extra bit exciting!

Friday, April 27, 2012


SCS Roller Racing

As I'm sure you're all aware, we're eagerly awaiting the weekend of 'The Hunt'. We have an action packed weekend for everyone including racers and spectators alike...

Even if you're not involved with racing The Hunt, we still want to get you on a bike and burn out your legs.

SOUTH COAST SPRINTS are bringing their roller racing rig and party vibes down to the race and the evenings festivities at LMNH. They'll get you pumped up to race your mates with loud music of your choice ranging from Motorhead to some Rawkus Gabba Techno... We met them at Bespoked Bristol and they're a hoot. They will make you push yourself until you puke (if your that competitive that is)

Come down and join the fun... We look forward to seeing you there...


Hillingdon Cycle Circuit - Training Ride Tomorrow

From 12:30 at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. Talk to Butters on LFGSS for details on a group ride out.


New In - Benotto Tape

After 20 years, this famous bar tape is back in stock. 


Arrival of Chrome Bags x Cardiel - The Fortnight Backpack

This is one of two Cardiel bags we be stocking. The Fortnight is a tough, mid sized work horse. Available here.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Chris's Custom Parlee Singlespeed

A few weeks back I met with Chris, the UK agent for Lightweight wheels and Parlee cycles. He mentioned he had quite a special single speed to show me.
I'm very jealous, this is something I would very much like to own.
Custom frame, ultra lightweight handmade german wheels, belt drive....


More hand built wheels up on the web - H Plus Son TB14's on Halos

Here we are offering handbuilt wheels at a combined price far cheaper than custom ordering in store.

We have selected our most popular and trust components delivery a sturdy, durable and comfortable wheelset with a classic look.

A steal at £265. Available here.


New In from Chrome - The Anza Windbreaker & Cobra Merino Hoody

Chrome are famous for their bags but they also do a range of some really good clothing. As you would expect from Chrome they keep the styling simple with signature red graphics on black. And like the bags Chrome have added clever features to clothing without compormising style, such as a small pocket on the cuff of the Cobra Hoody and snap closing pockets on the Anza Wind Breaker. This is smart stuff.


New Levis drop + The 511 Skinny Commuter Crop Pants

The last drop flew out, we're pretty well stocked again now.

We've also got a drop of the 3/4 length 511 Skinny Commuter Crop Pants, available here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Rad new rack from WALD

WALD have been around for more than 100 years, their product range is pretty timeless and its not so often they release new racks. This offering is cleary cattering for the emerging market of cyclists who like to carry BIG stuff on racks. I'm one of those and will be looking forward to finding a bike to stick this rack on. Hopefully we will get a few of these Ewald’s 257GB racks in our next WALD drop.
Picture couresty of Urban Velo.


Weekend Schedule for the Hunt

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Profile Racing - Road & CX Hubs

These hubs have been dropping draws since they arrived. All you've got to do is give the cassette a little turn to and witness the 68 step ratchet in action, then you'll be hooked. Thats instant action. They are machined in the USA from 2024. The front hub is 88g. And as you know Profile only release the best of the best product. You need these hubs! 
Available here. 


New from Brooks - Lands End Panniers

"New from Brooks" is not something we get to say too often. When Brooks release a new product they do it right. These Brooks panniers are waterproof and fold up for smaller loads. The look is minimal but unmistakably Brooks. Available here


New from Cinelli - Calido Tape

Cinelli have though of a way to go all out with their bar tape while keeping it subtle and extremely stylish. Kaleidoscopic tape under the black tape. Available here


Outlier Slim Cut Dungarees Iteration Two - Now In

The Outlier Dungarees come in a beefier fabric than the other Outliers. Until now they have only been available in looser cuts. Now Outlier have released a slimmer edition. Like most Outlier editions these will be available in limited numbers. Available here


Outlier Summer Shorts In Stock Well in advanced for the Summer

Outliers quick drying fabrics are perfectly suited to shorts. Here Outlier have delivered shorts which are genuinely multi purpose. You can swim in these shorts, and of course ride, run, climb, show off your buff legs and look plain cool. 
Get yours in time for the Summer here

Monday, April 23, 2012


The Dart Fully Built Photos

Jamie built the Dart up last week. We've had some quality time testing and we're really happy with the results. The Dart delivers serious speed with a easy to handle geometry. The oversized tubing means there is very little flex. 
The exciting thing about this frame is that we will be able to offer the frame and a carbon fork for under £300. Leaving you with more cash to for carbon wheels and Thomson hardware. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Tim in Scotland on his Wide Open

Team rider Tim is up in Scotland touring on his Wide Open. I'm looking forward to seeing more from him soon. 

Friday, April 20, 2012


Tokyo Fixed x Death Spray Custom ONO Low Pro

This prototype was hand painted by Death Spray Custom. The ONO will be with us in late May and should be priced around £775 including a carbon fork. The frame is fillet brazed and is made using Columbus Zona with a Columbus MAX downtube & CNC CR-MO dropouts. Pretty sweet. 
The ONO features the 5 dot mon on the head tube, keeping the graphics simple and allowing us to use painting & masking only. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Vulpine Clothing in Stock Now

Vulpine is beautiful, functional cycling wear with clean British styling. The brand launched just this year and has quickly become a favourite of the most discerning London cyclists. 

The Vulpine Rain Jacket has to be one of the finest garments on the market - Brian Palmer, The Washing Machine Post.

Available in store and online

Monday, April 16, 2012


Ricky & Donhou for Rapha Continental

Rapha Continental Builders: Ricky Feather from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Rapha Continental Builders: Tom Donhou from RAPHA on Vimeo.

We've been working with Ricky since the beginning of his career as a frame builder. Its amazing to watch his bikes and his brand leap from strength to strength. 
Along with Ricky, Tom Donhou is building some of the finest bikes in the UK. Both builders were chosen to build bikes for Rapha's hand built project. 


Philosophy Bag Co 2012 Bags coming soon

Philosophy took the enormous task of completely redesigning their 2012 range. Here's a taste of the new features: 
1) Leather bound around edges of flaps (all bags will have this year)
2) New flap configuration with upper front leather tabs and d-rings to allow lashing jackets or other things on outside of bag, (or mount point for optional leather tote straps).
3) Center front bottom blinky tab attachment point as well as embossed philosophy logo
4) front exterior pocket under flap, to quickly stow magazine, notebook etc.
5) Side pockets with leather tabs to mount reflectors - pockets great for cell phone, i-touch etc..
6) Optional - tote style straps for a more fashionable carry. see pics, bag comes with single strap as standard (see pics)
7) Upper side gusset snaps - keeps the top sides pleated inward for a nice clean look when folded over (no more bulging sides)
8) Upper front snaps - Now can act as grow bag - if bag is very full, user can snap the top flap just over the front and fasten to securely carry larger loads 
9) Contrasting color interior flap liner and organizer pocket.
7) New Seafarers Base cloth - Hank dyed, double ring-spun, tightly woven.  very hydra-phobic and UV rays won't fade as fast as cotton yet feels nice like cotton .

All bags are still handmade in Portland Oregeon. These will be with us in 2-3 weeks. 


Vulpine Cycling Fete

Its going to be great to see all these brands and builders coming to London. And for all those who couldn't make it out to Bespoked Bristol this is a chance to see some stunning bikes. A big thanks to the Vulpine team for putting this together.

Friday, April 13, 2012


More Levis in Stock, 511 Commuter 5-Pocket Jeans

Nanocoated riding jeans now in from Levis.

Available here. 


The HUNT is SOLD OUT, but we're adding 4 more slots to account for no shows...

So act fast!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In Stock - Levis Commuters in very limited numbers! Get them here first!

The commuters are just through the door and up on the web. Packed with features for £80. There are more styles coming for now its just the commuters. You can check them out instore at the launch tomorrow night or buy them on the WEB NOW! 

Available here. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


More Carbon Clinchers?

Yes, we're offering more carbon clinchers. Carbon clincher rims have been on the scene for a while now leaving some track bike riders very happy. On the road bike scene they are not as popular due to fears over inconsistent braking. The rims we import, like the Broby's are full carbon, there is no alloy braking surface. The braking surface is applied to the rim as a thin protective strip so the brake pads do not come in direct contact with the rim. So far we have seen no problems with braking or overall wheel strength. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 20mm rims, they're responsive, light and overall feel great and are wearing well. The deeper section rims give a more rigid ride, Andy Ellis has been putting the 50mm's to work on his 14TR and loving every minute. 

Rims come in 20mm, 38mm & 50mm profile. All come 28H standard. Rims start at £189.99 each. Wheelsets start at £520. 
All rims come with a UD weave finish as standard. We are offering a one year warranty on all of our  carbon clincher rims. 

View here


Sneak Peek of our Low Pro AKA ONO

I went to pick up this frame from Death Spray Custom today. This is the ONO Low Pro. Here are a few tag lines for this frame: Steel, Columbus MAX, fillet brazed, Low Pro, Death Spray Custom. 

 We will get some more photos out this week. 

Friday, April 06, 2012


Come join us for beer and trousers

Thursday, April 05, 2012


Training Ride this Sunday at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit

There will be a training ride this Sunday at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. Meet at the circuit at 11:00 for a open session. 

For those riding out from London, there will be a group ride meeting at Tokyo Fixed at 10:00. Contact us for further details.

Photo from bike198, follow the link for a nice little write up on the Roswell Crit. 

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Red Hook Organiser David Trimble Interview

Tuesday, April 03, 2012



The Bruno's have hit the sale rack with a big 40% off.
Find out some more about these beautiful Japanese/Swiss bikes here.

Monday, April 02, 2012


Easter Opening Hours

Friday 6th April - Closed
Saturday 7th April - Open 
Sunday 8th April - Closed
Monday 9th April - Closed
Open as normal on Tuesday. 


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