Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tokyo Fixed 2012 Frames - A bit of info...

When can I get my hands on one of these? 
Finally we have something to show you! Firstly apologies for the delayed delivery on these frames, last year we estimated delivery would be around February. We're long past that one already. Delays have mainly been due to problems sourcing materials. I still cannot say with confidence an exact delivery date, I can say the frames are in production and there is a good chance they will be in store for late April. 

Why were your last batch of frames out of stock for so long? 
Our last drop of frames was not enormous. We could have reordered but we felt it was important to respond to customer feedback asap. So we went back to the drawing board. We do not plan to do this every year, hopefully these frames our new frames will be in stock with us and TF dealers until we release updated models. 

What sizes will you be offering? 
We will be posting geometry's very soon. All frames will be coming in a much larger size range than last year e.g. all level top tube frames will be coming in 490-600mm in 2cm increments. 

More coming? 
We will be posting photos of our steel low pro and another steel road frame very soon! 

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