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Herne Hill

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tokyo Fixed 2012 Frames - A bit of info...

When can I get my hands on one of these? 
Finally we have something to show you! Firstly apologies for the delayed delivery on these frames, last year we estimated delivery would be around February. We're long past that one already. Delays have mainly been due to problems sourcing materials. I still cannot say with confidence an exact delivery date, I can say the frames are in production and there is a good chance they will be in store for late April. 

Why were your last batch of frames out of stock for so long? 
Our last drop of frames was not enormous. We could have reordered but we felt it was important to respond to customer feedback asap. So we went back to the drawing board. We do not plan to do this every year, hopefully these frames our new frames will be in stock with us and TF dealers until we release updated models. 

What sizes will you be offering? 
We will be posting geometry's very soon. All frames will be coming in a much larger size range than last year e.g. all level top tube frames will be coming in 490-600mm in 2cm increments. 

More coming? 
We will be posting photos of our steel low pro and another steel road frame very soon! 


Dream Machine 2012 Model

This years Dream Machine has moved further into porteur territory. The top tube is now flat. The graphics are simple. And its still a jack of all trades in the city. 

More photos here


New 2012 Model - The DART

We kept things simple on this frame. Our goal was to design a frame which we could offer at a entry level price point but still rides hard. We've used a selection of oversized tubing to give maximum stiffness and designed the frame with a slightly compact geometry so you can get up ontop of the cockpit when you crank. The frame will come in one colour: black. Finally, we've added our own signature dropouts. 

More photos here


S2 2012 Model

The S2 is everything you should want from a lugged track frame. The geometry is comfortable yet still aggressive enough to be responsive and suitable for track use. This year the graphics are again an attempt to look as good as our favourite NJS frames, we have borrowed the colour scheme from 3Rensho. Other changes for the 2012 model include a move to double butted Cr-Mo from the discontinued Thron tubing and the introduction of our own cnc Cr-Mo dropouts. 

More photos here. 


S1 2012 Model

Last years S1 was modelled on Japanese Keirin frames but fell short of being an exact replica. This year we have not held back. We've attempted to replicate the tried and true steel Keirin frame geometry. The angles are steep, the clearance is tight and the fork had been left un drilled. To complete the experience we've used Columbus Spirit Keirin tubing. Frames like this are designed for the track but are best enjoyed on the street. 

More photos here


Wide Open 2012 Model

The Wide Open is our do-everything road bike (or an Audax bike, as it used to be called). Racy geometry and lightweight Columbus Zona tubing will keep the rider entertained at the weekends on longer rides.  When it comes to winter commuting the space for larger tyres and guards will keep you dry and comfy. Finally, load up some panniers, bolt on a rack and head off for a weekend touring - you may actually only need one bike, if it’s a Wide Open!
This bike was built up using Shimano’s ubiquitous 105 group. Light, strong and with a wide enough gearing range to climb if the bike is loaded up. Ambrosio sealed bearing classic looking hubs will roll smooth through all seasons.  A hand crafted finishing kit from Nitto, the Japanese manufacturing legend, makes for a understated, classy and high performance bike.

More photos here


Tokyo Fixed Bespoked Bike - The Engima Everest

Tokyo Fixed are now stocking Enigma Cycles. We commissioned this frame from Enigma to show off their skills on a frame most fitting of their newest stockist. For the frame we chose Richard Sachs Newvex lugs which are reminiscent of British Nervex lugs with a American Sachs spin. Enigma chose light weight heat treated Reynolds 853 tubing for the frame, ensuring that even though the frame looks classic the frame will be lightweight. For the paint design we drew inspiration from vintage Japanese frames brands such as Everest and Tohei, who let the rich colours and stunning craftmaship do the talking. 
This frame shows the amazing skills of Enigma's head frame builder Mark Reilly as well as the skills of London based painter Matt Bown.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The HUNT Crit Registration is now OPEN!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Vulpine Clothing & Feather Cycles

Vulpine might be the next big thing in cycling clothing. The clothing they have released so far is smart and functional. As is the general vibe of the brand. I met the founder Nick at Bespoked. There was one thing he was more excited about than his new brand; his upcoming stainless steel Feather build. You can hear a bit more about this build on Vulpines blog
And talking of Ricky, his bikes from Bespoked need to be seen to be believed. Head over to Ricky's blog to see a few of them. 


Tokyo Fixed x Eley Kishimoto Bike

You might have seen a few of these bikes hanging around our shop over the Winter. These cute little Dream Machines were designed in collaboration with Eley Kishimoto, a London / Japanese fashion house famous for their patterns and numerous collaborations with the likes of Eastpak , Cinelli, Death Spray Custom and many many more. Along with the bike Amy from Cyclodelic designed and made a pannier bag which you can see here. The bike was a lot of fun but took a lot of work, mostly from Tom Donhou who had the painstaking task of hand painting the bikes. A few of these bikes will be going to EK stockists throughout the world but are also available through us though the price is TBC. Wonderful!


Back from Bespoked

We just got back and are exhausted. Well done to everyone involved, especially event organizer Phil Taylor for another flawless event. There is good coverage of the event on RoadCC and Bike Radar as well as photos by myself. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Off to bespoked

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Bespoked Bristol - Closed this Sunday

If you didn't know already it's the UK's only hand made bicycle show this weekend, Bespoked Bristol
We will be there with a selection of our custom bikes, and our staff will be coming to see us on Sunday. Because is this we will be closed on Sunday 25th March

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Andy Hampsten Riding Through the Snow in the Giro

This poster is available at the amazing Hampsten cycles

Monday, March 19, 2012


Chipotle donate 52 Burrito's as a HUNT Crit Prize

Thats one for every week of the year. 


Strat rollin smooth


Brother Cycles Road Frame coming this Spring

Brother Cycles - Road Frame from Brother Cycles on Vimeo.


Redbull Minidrome 2012

Congratrulations Strat! 2nd place!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Broby Carbon Rims ALL £175 per rim

How can you resist now? 20mm, 40mm & 60mm all £175 per rim PLUS we're doing wheel building at 1/2 price!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's the Mini Drome this Sunday!

It's back in London, and with 2 of our staff members racing we're all going to be cheering them along. Because of that the opening times on Sunday will be adjusted a little...

We will open 11am - 3pm this Sunday, 18th March

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


SAG Messenger Bags on SALE

The SALE must go on. View SAG Messenger SALE here


Celebrating the new workshop with deals on wheels builds and service! 60% Wheel builds!

Our new workshop is pretty rad and we've got Jamie the mechanic on short cold chain slaving over the trueing stand, churning out custom made wheels at 60% off regular price. Head over here to find out more. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Its all about the details on this new custom Nagasawa Road Frame

This stunner is going out to a lucky customer in California. This is one of very few road frames built by Nagasawa. Its a piece of history already!
More photos here



Bespoked Bristol Reminder - Its next weekend!

A little taste of what you'll see at the show from Winter Cycles and Ted James design. We against the ropes as always with our bikes but hopefully we will deliver!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Credible Threat!

Winner of the Paris-Nice.


Cardiel X Chrome

Excited about getting these bags in. 

Friday, March 09, 2012


Restrap 2 Years Strong

A great video by Max Arnold for Restrap. 

Friday, March 02, 2012


NAHBS 2012 - She begins

The North American Handbuilt Show has begun. This is one of the biggest events on the calendar. Unfortunately I couldn't be there this year as I'm heading out to the Tapei Cycle Show but there's some excellent coverage out there from Bike Portland, Bike Rumor and don't forget the hardest working man in "show" business John Prolly

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Cherubim Video by Levis

Talking of Levis commuter jeans, we will be receiving our first drop of these in April. 


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