Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Come for a ride this weekend!

An architecture student friend is currently running a project at Look Mum No Hands centering around the idea of urban countryside spaces. As the final part of his event he has organised a race (or just a ride) taking in the parks of London.
Ride to a park, take a photo, and the person with the most points wins some prizes! We have donated some gift vouchers for 1st (£50), 2nd (£20), and 3rd (£10) place. Along with some t-shirts. Starts and ends at LMNH on Saturday between 10 and 4.

To view a larger map click HERE


Tokyo Fixed & Chiptole Present The HUNT - REPOST

Registration will open mid March!

This is a repost. We have changed the race format now from one race / 65 riders to two groups of 30 riders in a single heat with the top 15 going into a 30 racer final. 

We have had some requests for a larger version of this poster to be used for prints. You can find this here

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Two of the greatest books from Japan...

I just received two books from Japan. They might be the best bike books I'v ever seen. The book on the left features 180+ pages on Cherubim. Describing every detail of his process from fitting to painting. The book on the left is all about Italian frame builders. The photographs are by famous Japanese cycling photographer Yuzuru Sunada. The book features everyone worth knowing and includes maps and phone numbers and website details and even where to eat in towns local to the builders, also there's a few photos of bikes and the builders them selfes. 
Hopefully I will get a few of these books in to sell. Definitely I will take a few better photo's of the contents. Still wishing I could speak / read Japanese. 


Bruno 2012 Bikes In Stock

The 26 MTB Tour is a new edition to Bruno's range. It follows the same trend as other Bruno's e.g. its great for commuting and can carry a load but unlike the rest this bike can handle rough terrain. Looks like a lot of fun. 

The classic 700c Tourer is now equipped with a Shimano 105 group. 

The Venture Flat is back. Its still small and still comes bright. 

View the bikes here


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Spring is coming - get those new wheels now

I'm sure I could feel a little hint of spring in the air this weekend. It was fleeting, but it was there. To celebrate the (hopeful) improvement in the weather to come, we'll do you a little deal on wheel building costs.  The normal charge is £25 labour per wheel, but if you buy everything for your wheelset from us (yes, it must be 2) we'll build them for £20 labour - the pair! That's a saving of £30.
Offer lasts until the 19th of March and is available to our worldwide web-store customers too - just drop us an email!
Get those summer hoops ready now...

Photo credit "Suntour Sunrise" Mobius Cycle

Friday, February 17, 2012


Bus Driver in Bristol Uses Bus as a Weapon!

After an argument between the bus driver and cyclist the bus driver purposely knocks over the cyclist. The bus driver, a family man from Somerset with a 10 year perfect track record has been jailed for 17 months. The cyclist suffered a broken leg and wrist. 
I think these actions from the bus driver reflect a general attitude from working drivers that if they are irritated with a cyclist they can use their vehicle to "get them back". I'v been forced into a curb by a bus in London at high speed for pulling out in front of the bus. When I caught up with the bus, the driver gave me the finger. I could reel of countless other occasions, as could most other cyclists who ride in the city on a daily basis, where a vehicle has purposely put me in danger out of irritation. Its a war zone out there and I'm glad the bus driver has gone down for 17 months, the cyclist could have been killed over road rage. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Dream Machines on SALE!

We're clearing our last few Dream Machines. The 2012 will be changing colour. If you like the vibe of last years model GET YOURS NOW! 
Was £450 now £399 and the frames without forks are even cheaper. 

View them here



Custom Nagasawa on its way to Greece!

This is it, this is the track frame of your darkest fantasy. I can't wait to see this built up in Athens. 



Custom Tonic Fab Magnum CX

A reminder of what one of these beasts looks like in action. 

We've just taken our first delivery of a custom Magnum CX. Ed did a great job choosing a cold blue finish with subtle grey decals and a steel fork. 
The Magnum CX has been popular choice in Tonic's home town of Portland for serious cross riders. The frame is built with a mix of Columbus and True Temper tubing giving an unbelievably solid and comfortable ride. 
Tonics start ar around £1100 for a custom frame, we also keep some frames in stock


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


All City Zona Nature Boy

Following the success of the standard Nature Boy with CX racers begging for a off the peg steel CX frame All City give you something with a bit more bite. Made with Columbus Zona and with slick internal cable routing and a BB30 bottom bracket. Also this frame has been made in very limited numbers, I would hope we are one of the few shops in Europe where you can find this model. 

Available here



Tokyo Fixed Polished Stainless Dustcaps

These are what you've been looking for. A pair dust caps which would look at home paired with classic cranks. We've been looking for something like this for a while and when the opportunity came up to make our in Europe we jumped on it. Available here



A few new Italian Made Tokyo Fixed Caps

We're no longer calling our caps messenger caps. These are 100% Italian made RACE caps. And they're all £10. Available here



KASK Helmet Fitting

I snagged a K50 for myself which has the same amazing fitting system and I can vouch for the supreme comfort and easy fit of these helmets. 

Check out KASK


Monday, February 13, 2012


Cyclepidia App

I recently had a look at the Cyclepidia App. If you own a Ipad this app is a must have. The bikes are selected from the Embacher collection. These images of bikes have been enormously influential on the kind of bikes we build and sell. The app allows you to view over 100 bikes in a 360° view! Everything from 3Rensho's to Moultons. Nothing gets you in love with bikes again more than this app! 

Friday, February 10, 2012



Hillindon Cycle Circuit
Sunday 6th May / Bank Holiday Weekend
One Race / 45 Minutes + 5 Laps /  Brakeless Fixed Gear Only

Prizes to include frames, entry into the next Red Hook Race and cash! 

Racer registration date TBC / 65 Racers maximum / £20 Entry

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Ricky on HBTV

HBTV: Modern Day Artisans - Ricky Feather from HBTV on Vimeo.

The guys from Hypebeast popped over to Ricky's house to say hello and make a vid.


FlipFlip visibility panels featured on the GQ blog

One of our newest products was recently featured on the GQ sport blog. FlipFlip visibility panels tuck in your pocket, and get you seen. Read the full blog post here

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Cadence x 686 Jacket + other cold weather Cadence Arrivals

Cadence x 686 Project: Rain from cadence studios on Vimeo.

Cadence has collaborated with OG Californian snowboard brand 686 to bring this technical wet weather jacket together, building on their experience, knowledge of technical fabrics and Trademarked innovations.

Cadence was able to produce the highest level of function and quality resulting in a fully waterproof Jacket built specifically for riding. At home in any torrential condition from concrete jungle to the red woods forest. This combination is fully waterproof, breathable and built to function in the saddle as well is look just as good out of the saddle. 

Check the jacket here

Super soft Cadence seal beanie available here

Cadence Drove Scarf available here



New Nitto Products Online

B115AA alloy road drop bars. £39. 

B260AA now in black. 

The R15 rear rack. Suitable for panniers, adjustable and with P clamps. 

Nitto's polished A head stems now come with a steeper 73° angle drop. 

A super strong two bolt seat post, cheaper than the NJS SP72 but still an extremely high quality seat post and a looker. 

There's more new Nitto products here, because you can never have enough Nitto. We've restocked on most other Nitto items as well. 



Brother 631 track "Herne Hill" build - £1150

It's getting closer to the new track season at Herne Hill, and with that in mind we've just finished building this beauty. Set up as the perfect starter track bike (or street bike with a spinner gear!). Handbuilt wheels and nitto/sugino parts make this a bargain at £1150.

-Brother 631 track frame and fork
-Tange Headset
-Tifosi sealed cartridge BB
-Sugino 75 165mm crank arms
-48t 1/8" TA chainring
-15t EAI sprocket (providing the recommended Herne Hill training gear)
-Handbuilt H+Son TB14's on Halo hubs
-Nitto stem and B125 drop bars
-NOS san marco fluted seatpost
-Black Turbo saddle

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Andy's Bikes

Andy runs things in store and judging by his bikes you know your in good hands. More on his flickr



Drawing from the experience of a near 2 hour ride back from Finsbury Park last night on seriously slippy roads, we have decided not to open today. We will be open as usual on Monday morning.


New Tokyo Fixed T's Online

Happy days. We've got a few more of our own design T's available. Only £15 for the single colour T's and £18 for the rest. Available here

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Winter SALE 2012

Massive reductions on a massive range of products. View SALE products here



SAG's Back

The Black Box is SAG's famous camera specific backpack. This bag is for serious camera men (or woman) with serious kit. The bag boasts a hard shell strong enough to support a person. 

The Airforce I rolltop one is back, now in camo. 

Another new edition is the Reaper backback. A technical take on a classic shape with more compartments and a ventilated back. 

Back in stock after a long hiatus; bags from Japanese brad SAG



Nitto B259AA Voluntary Recall

Nitto Co., Ltd. has discovered that the B259AA "riser" bar could break while ridden, resulting in loss of control and a fall. To remedy this problem, Nitto has discontinued the B259AA and replaced it with the B260AA model handlebars.

As a Nitto importer we will happily replace your B259AA with the new stronger B260AA model. To receive a replacent bar you MUST return your old bar. You can do this either in store or return your bar back to us by mail.
It does not matter where you bought your B259AA, if you have one we can replace it. 
If you exchange your bar in store we will happily reinstall the new bar free of charge. If you return your B259AA by mail we will happily reimburse you shipping charges via PayPal if you provide a receipt of shipping charges. 

We are currently able to replace the B259AA bar in Silver, Black, Blue and Gold. 

For more info on the recall visit EAI here



Outlier Softcore Wool Vest

New in from New York brand Outlier. Stay warm in a vest of pure New Zealand merino wool. I could use one of these right, even though it would have to go onto of six layers of jackets and sweaters.  Made in the USA. Available here


Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Restrap 2nd Birthday Jam!


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