Friday, December 23, 2011





New T-Level Colours In Stock / Convert Bag / Black T-Level Challengers Finally in Stock!

I know what you're thinking, why drop this two days before Christmas day?! Well we're very sorry about the untimely arrival. But for those still hunting for a T-Level we've got good stock on Rolltops and Challengers in black plus new red trim colours. Check them all here

We've also received a drop of the 80's inspired T-Level Convert bag. Available here



VAGX New Lumisac Drop

[VAGX] LUMISAC / OBEY THE BLUE LIGHT from David Jongkwon Kim / DKSHOP on Vimeo

The Lumisac is incorporates Korean lumi technology. Meaning the flexible white band on the back of the backpack is hooked up to a battery and actually lights up making you highly visible on the streets. The is a innovative, original and amazingly quite stylishly executed. Despite the bags smart look it is also quite technical with side pockets, large adjustable straps and even a built in whistle!

Available here.

Also, we are restocked on the popular VAGX Urban Summit Bag. Available here


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Up T-Level



Patagonia Clothing now in stock

It makes me very happy to be able to do a blog post with a bit of climbing and a bit of Patagonia. 

Patagonia clothing has a classic Californian feel often using warm colours, patterns and simple cuts but most of all its really good quality stuff. 

We've picked a few pieces from the massive range which we thought would work just as well on the mountain as it would on the bike. 

View our Patagonia stock here



Christmas SALE / More products added!

Broby Carbon Rims down from £365 to £250

Ares Bikes Spacers down from £12 to £5

Leader 722TS down from £240 to £125 

Bruno Mini Velo down from £700 to £595

There is lots more good stuff available at massive reductions. View the SALE section here


Monday, December 19, 2011


Teisuke's Tonic Fab Vanishing Point

Jeez louise Tonic build some nice frames and Teisuke from TKC in Osaka knows how to build them! 



Christmas Opening Times

We will be closing on Christmas Eve and opening up again on Jan 3. Merry XMAS. 


White Randonneurs Finally Back in stock!

Available here

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Tokyo Fixed x Fifo Cap Review at Road CC

They liked it I think. Read it here

Buy the cap here



Embacher Ap

We're long time fans of the Embacher collection. Its very cool to see where's Michael Embacher and Thames and Hudson are taking things. 


Cadence x 686 Clothing Coming Soon

Cadence x 686 Project: Rain from cadence studios on Vimeo.

Coming soon. E-mail us for reservations.


Friday, December 16, 2011


I like mine black and blue - Custom Cherubim Build

This is the first custom Cherubim to arrive. Built with Campagnolo Super Record and Mavic R-Sys SLR Wheels. The bike comes in at around 7.5 kg which is not bad for a steel bike. 

For those interested in ordered in a Cherubim dream bike for themselves you can find more info here and here

More photos here



Its all about EPS

I'v been loving the look of Campagnolo's upcoming electronic EPS groupset. Campagnolo have released a few videos to get you hyped. Enjoy. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Art In Transit Store Launch this Thursday

A few friends of Tokyo Fixed have got their heads together and are opening a shop just off Portebello road. The shop is a celebration of art, music and clothing. Plenty of free drinks at the opening party this coming Thursday. 

Monday, December 12, 2011


Nitto x Tokyo Fixed RB-0010 Bullhorns Back In!!!

Remember me? Available here



Nice RARE Ergo Nitto Stuff + Nitto Restock

M106 Drop Bars. These heat treated beauties come in black and silver. Available here

M194 STI Drop Bars. Heat treated and built designed to work best with shifters. Super light as well. Available here

B127 CR-MO Drop Bars. Ergo track drops, and their CR-MO. Oh my. Available here

We've got lots more Nitto back in stock as well, if somethings been out for a while go check it now! 



Winter NJS projects

Things get quieter in bike shops in winter, which means you get to do cool things like build NJS wheel sets.

Friday, December 09, 2011


Black 2012 SRAM Omniums in stock

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Cycle Exif Calendar In Stock

Cycle Exif is the best place to see fine bikes. Their calendar is the second best place, if you've not got one for 2012 get one



Custom Cherubim Just In

We recently received this custom Cherubim. Its a cross between a Cherubim Sticky and a ULI. For those not two familiar with their Cherubim models that means this frame has the bent rear end and carbon fork from the ULI model and the front triangle tubing, head tube and compact geo like the sticky. Its come out very very nice and we can't wait to build it up. The build is going to be very serious. 


Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Now stocking Civia Bikes

Civia make some very cool vey functional bikes, great for commuting and running around the city. Some of their models are suited to long rides as well. Such as the Kingfield above. 

We are stocking in store the Prospect shown on the top photo and the Kingfield. The Prospect is one the best value belt drive bikes you will find and in and its a pretty serious belt drive bike sporting a 8 speed Nexus hub. 

The Prospect is designed to be comfortable in all situations. Check out a the 4.5/5 star review it received from Bike Radar here to learn lots more. 

View the bikes here



Catlike Helmets up on the Web!

Spanish brand Catlike make some very cool looking helmets. They have 39 air vents in total which are designed to keep your head ventilated, they are also famed for their strength, durability and lightweight construction. As used by many pro teams. 

Available in black and white here



Some New Fifo Caps in for Christmas!

This is one of our best batches of Fifo Caps to date. Fifo make the finest cycling caps you will ever see, yes the quality and fit is perfect but from me its all about the fabrics. You will turn heads in these and be bombarded with questions of where you got your Fifo. And their not only for hipsters, these caps fit snugly under a helmet and keep your head cosy on a long day in the saddle. All caps are made in NY by Fifo owner Fiona herself.

Available here



No 5 Chain Lube Back in Stock

Back in a big way! Available here.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Bicycle art book

Mark Skulls showed me this new book which features some of his art and some Tokyo Fixed builds.


Mark and Asha's custom balls


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