Thursday, June 30, 2011


Tokyo Fixed is now open on Sundays!

12:00 - 06:00 business as usual! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Robin Mather Interview at Headset Press

Robin Mather is widely regarded as one of the UK's best frame builders but I'v got to admit I know very little about him and have seen very few of his bikes. 
You can read a great interview with Robin at the Headset Press blog

Monday, June 27, 2011


Donhou Custom Track Bikes

Tom Donhou dropped round his Bespoked Bristol entry last week. Stunning build! This will be hanging in our window for the next few weeks. 

Check some more images here



Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ed Scoble and Daniel Ames Riding a Triple Century for Charity

"To get a rough idea of what is involved, the preliminary route is 330 miles and includes over 20,000 feet of uphill.  During a normal 100mi ride, I tend to burn about 1,000 calories an hour which means that if I manage to string three slow centuries together, I will end up burning approximately 20,000 calories during the 20 or so hours I will be riding.  The average male tends to burn about 2,000 calories in 24 hours.  This is roughly the equivalent of 25 Large Big Mac meals..."

Support Ed and Daniel here


Tonic Fabrication Vanishing Point Review on Road CC

"Great Looking, great riding, frame and fork ideally suited to long days in the saddle." - Road CC 4/5 Stars. 

I'm really glad the guys at Road CC enjoyed the Tonic. Read the review here

Tonic Supernauts & the Vanishing Point are available here

Friday, June 24, 2011


The Mother-load Has Landed

After months of anticipation our frames are finally in the warehouse. Bikes will out on the floor and up on the web next week. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hyper Japan 2011

Hyper Japan is the UK's biggest show on everything "Japan". We're looking forward to taking part next month in the biggest show yet, held at the London, Olympia. We will be setting up a mini shop selling T-Shirts designed by Baby Crow especially for the event as well as stickers, prints and a few parts. We will be displaying Tokyo Fixed bikes as well. 

Hyper Japan 2011, London Olympia. 

22-24 July



Outlier New Delivery

We're all stocked up on the Climbers including size 30 & 36. We've also got more stock of my personal favourite style, the rugged wearing Keirin Cut Dungarees. 

View Outlier HERE

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


New Paul Circle Cranks and Tall and Handsome Seat Post

The Circle Chainring is a great addition to the Paul cranks, some would call it the grown up version of the Royal Flash cranks. The Tall and Handsome Seat Post is also a great addition. Its tough with plenty of setback. Now you can run all component Paul except for the stem. If only Paul made a stem, we can dream... 


More on Philosophy Bags - Review at Lovely Bicycles

The Lovely Bicycles blog have done a thorough review of the Philosophy Panniers, view it HERE


New In - Philosophy Bag Co Paniers and Bags

We first saw Philosophy Bags Co out at NAHBS. I was struck not only by the quality of the design but by the quality of the product and the fact that all the bags are proudly made ethically as possible in the USA. 
These tight weave canvas bags keep the weather out and the dirt and grease from sticking, the leather straps and steel hardware give the bags a classic look complimenting any bike you mount them on. 
The Morrison Backback (£150) and the Crosstown Messenger bag (£120) are exactly the bags we've been looking for. A genuine vintage look with features seen more commonly on new bags such as a laptop sleeve and padded straps. Also far cheaper than high fashion counterparts. Enjoy!  

View the bags HERE

We appreciate craftsmanship and have immense admiration for the processes, materials, and skill that transform everyday materials into something special. Sadly, much of this tradition has been abandoned.
   Today’s goods are designed around mass production constraints. While this often yields low production costs, it is always a sacrifice in form, function, and often has detrimental social and environmental implications.
   It is our mission to revive craftsmanship, preserve its traditions, and contribute to its advancement the best we know how. “The fruit of craftsmanship is plentiful, it employs passionate people and yields products that radiate the positive energy employed to make them”. We build our products for those who see value in such efforts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


New Cinelli WYSIWIG seen on BikeRadar

Wow, this is one hell of bold looking bike. Reworking the old into the new. Courtesy of Bike Radar who got the scoop. 


Whoop-De-Doo Wish I could be there

Monday, June 20, 2011


"The Best Ever Show by Miles" - Brian Rourke


Izumi Chains and Fix T Cranks back in Stock

The Izumi's are our most popular chains, we've got the standard models back in stock. The Super Toughs will be back in stock very soon. Available here. 

When the Gusset Fix T cranks are in they fly out. There is no crank on the market like them; a fixed gear specific BMX style cranks for £60. Jump on that whiles it in! Available here

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Team Rider Tim's S1

Tim's been working as a messenger in London going on seven months now and is proving himself as one of the fastest riders out there. Thats why we've got Tim on the S1. And after his first day he was very happy commenting the bike "Feels so fast!". Tim moved some of the parts on from his previous build such as the super mighty crank and upgraded a few bits also. Its good to see our bikes getting out onto the road but this is just the beginning. Tokyo Fixed bikes will be with us in a matter of days. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Great Videos from friends in Athens

The Prism: Riders on the Storm from localathensfilms on Vimeo.

48x17 from ken adams on Vimeo.

Crazy things are going on Athens way. Thanks for the link up Christian. We'll get some Tokyo Fixed frames out to you soon. 

Monday, June 13, 2011


Bespoke Bristol - Just Got Home

Well, Bespoked Bristol was a blast. It was so great to meet everyone and generally get together.  Everyone who exhibited brought some amazing bikes especially Lee Cooper, Ricky Feather, Donhue Cycles & Demon Frameworks all of whom pulled in top honers. And some how we received Best Road Bike on behalf of Shin-Ichi for his Cherubim Piuma (One of the judges was lucky enough to test the bike a few weeks earlier). An amazing show, a big thanks to Phil Taylor for putting it all together and I'v got such high hopes for next year which is already lined up to be held in a far larger venue!  

For full photo coverage check out Bike Radar. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Shopping for Tyres in Tokyo Fixed

Marek (aka Roland from Poland) has a nose for a good tyre. I'm not kidding, this guy will blind-test pick out a Gatorskin from a lineup.

There may also have been some beer involved...


PAM Cycling Series T's in Stock

The Cool Club T's sold out so quick last time, so many people did't get theirs. Now Australian brand PAM have hit back in mass, expanding the series with three more homages. There's Colnago, Merkx, Look & Campagnolo. Border line legal, 100% Kool. 

Available here


Tokyo Fixed T's Up On the Web

Finally we've got round to doing some logo T's. We've kept things simple. High quality Continental T's with a nice solid print. All printed in the UK. We've also got the Reaper Rider T's back in. 

Available here


Order delays

Because of works on our ware house this Friday orders placed on Friday and Monday will be delayed approximately 1-2 days. 


T Levels back in stock with new colour ways

The Challengers are back in stock with some new color ways. We've got some new messenger bags in as well.  Unfortunately we are still out of stock on the roll-tops but are due a delivery in the next 3-4 weeks. 
Available here


In Stock - Pedal Speed London Issue and the new Issue of Boneshaker

A few months back the Pedal Speed guys spent some time in London shooting photos which are going into three issues. This issue features the shots on Tokyo Fixed, Fixed Gear London, Death Spray Custom and its not all about London. T-White's is in there as well, and they clinched the cover. The issue also comes with FTC gloves, yes you read me right. Available here

We've got the new issue of Boneshaker in also which as ever won't be around long. Available here

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


New Issue of Landscape Online

Open publication - Free publishing - More bmx

Belgian bike mag Landscape is blowing up. We were happy to contribute photograhs for the latest issue. Hardcopies of the mag will be in store soon. 

Monday, June 06, 2011


New Issue of Fixed Mag out June 29

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


BARK Straps Back in Stock

Some like it BARK!


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