Thursday, March 31, 2011


No.5 Chain Lube Back in Stock

This sold out quickly last time. And its no surprise because who doesn't want to treat their chain to the best. Only £9. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


New Parts from Paul Components in Stock

We've got lots of new parts from Paul Components in stock. These are the nicest looking components around. Made in the USA to last. We're stocking parts for your tourer, track bike, town bike & cross bike. 
Check out the ranger here


New In - Paul Components Jono Hub

This is a seriously clever little problem solver of a hub. Perfect for those bringing back the six speed. 
"What makes the Jono Hub unique is its quick-release axle which features changeable end caps. This system allows the Jono Hub to work with five, six, seven and even some eight speed freewheels. The modular axle can fit frames with axle spacings from 121mm all the way to 135mm. It comes as a kit with all necessary fittings for assembly with a variety of chain-line and axle width measurements."
We ar stocking 32H in black and silver. Available here


Hiplok's in Stock

Hiplok; the worlds first bike lock designed to fit on your waist is now in stock. £70. View them here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Fixiestudio App is Live!

You can now download custom bikes on your IPad! View here

Monday, March 28, 2011


TSG Recon Helmet

A nice slightly cheaper alternative to the Bern's. TSG's are lightweight and tough. Also they come in a smooth matt black finish. Only £40. 
Available here


Soigneur Messette's

If you've ever wondered if you could pull off the Mussette now is your chance to give it a go. These bags are made in the UK to the highest specs. We have sold a few in store already and the customers are loving them, perfect for your phone, wallet and any other light items you want to carry with you. 

Check them here


Chrome Kursk & SPD Kursk in stock

The Kurks are Chromes take on the classic low top plimsole. Unlike the average shoe these are made from 100% cordura & many more cycle specific features. 

The SPD version is something to get excited about. A SPD casual shoe at £75. The only of its kind at this kind of price. 

Check them here


Chrome Citizen, Metropolis & Pawn Bags in stock

After 15 years in bussiness Chrome bags are now officially one of the biggest boys in the cycling bag game. The bags have always been and still are made in the USA. They all have a stong clean look, with the signature metal buckles and red logo. Now the Chrome range is larger but the prices are still great, as is the quality.

The Citizen and Metropolis messenger bags are some of the best around. Made in the USA from 100% Cordura. These bags will last for years. 

The Pawn Rolltop is as tough as you could expect. The main compartment is waterproof, the buckles are stainless steel. A great size for everyday use of a stylish pack for a trip. 

Check them here


Crazy Deals on Dia Compe Hubs

We are overstocked on Dia Compe Gran Compe hubs and as a result are cutting the price. These are amazing hubs and we're giving you amazing deals. Almost half price on the entire range. Check them here

Friday, March 25, 2011


Greg B

Doing his thing. Check out more here


Colner Nickel Plated Track Frame

Available here


New In - Blackburn Lights

The UK brand Blackburn has been going crazy in store. The Fleas charge on the USB. All the lights come with a lifetime guaranty and shine brighter than you could imagine. So we've got them up on the web shop. View them here


Shadow Conspiracy Ravenger Pedals back in stock

The top selling Ravenger Pedal is finally back in stock. Plastic pedals do the job. The Ravengers are indestructible, have a low profile and fit Hold Fasts, Re Straps etc... 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tange-Seiki Alloy NJS Headset

This is one of the nicest loose ball headsets out there & a bit of a rarity as well. Tange-Seiki headsets are a simple and quality solution for any steel lugged beauty. This model is especially classy. CNC machined from a single alloy billet with the classic Campag look. And its only £35. We have the chrome plated model in stock also. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


BabyCrow Show on now!

BabyCrow and his collective PUCK have are part of a big show of illustrators on now at Somerset House. Head down there asap. More photos of the show here

The show name is Pick Me Up. 


Outlier Merino T- The Washingmachine Post

This is the second shining review for Outlier on Scottish Cycling blog The Washing Machine Post. if you haven't dropped into this bog before go over and catch up. This blog provides some serious reviews and a unique angle on all the best things about bikes from the blogs location of the Isle of Islay off Scotland. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Bicycle Packing Rivendell Style


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Foot Down Japan Charity Ride

Head over to the Foot Down to find out how to help. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


EAI Chainring Porn

God knows how much these cost. Ti Nitride coated chainrings! From chatting with the guys from EAI I know there's much more goodness on the way. Seen here


Rudies Leader 725 2011 Build

Rudy has done a very nice job on his new 725. Check those smooth welds. We have been getting a lot of e-mail enquiries about these frames. They are on the water now and will be with us on 23rd March. Like the Mash Histogram to get your frame asap you can put in a pre-order. 


Cinelli X Mash Histograme

We have been receiving a lot of enquiries about this super hot new drop from Cinelli. We've got lots on pre-order but we are taking cash deposits just to assure you get your frame as soon as its in. RRP is £839.99. 


More on Japan

Things seem to be getting worse. More and more tragic.

I'm out at the Taiwan Cycle show now and there are lots of Japanese out here. Business as usual. Efficient and hardworking as ever. Also Nitto is still running. We thought that Nitto's northern plant which is in relatively close proximity to the quake and even closer to the Nuclear Power Plant would be damaged for sure. I'm pleased to say its still open. Obviously this is a tiny positive against all the fatalities and destruction but its something.
As soon as I'm back from Taiwan we will be launching an Ebay charity auction, all proceeds going Japanese relief funds. We will be putting some juicy bits up on the bay with some help from some other UK bike shops & brands. There will also be a little fund raiser at Look Ma No Hands. More to come on this. 

Monday, March 14, 2011


Awesome company, awesome straps. This is a snippet from a upcoming documentary about ReStrap. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Feather Cycles - Tokyo Fixed Visit on the 23rd-24th March

if you've been thinking about getting a custom frame from Ricky this is a rare chance to meet Ricky and get sized up. E-Mail us if you wish to make an appointment. 


Cherubim at NAHBS

Shin-Ichi giving an interview at NAHBS. 


Sendai Quake

This is all so devastating. My heart goes out to all the families and business's affected. You can make a donation to the Red Cross Sendai appeal from a link on our home page. 


Mission Works Rodels Receive 4 Stars on Bike Radar

Check the review here. Shoes available here

Friday, March 11, 2011


Stunning Tonic Fabrication Supernaut Build

We built this Supernaut up for a review in the next Fixed Mag. I was lucky enough to give it a little test before it went out & can honestly say it doesn't get better. The frame feels so powerful. When you get out of the saddle there is no flex. Paired up with the carbon wheels you can get up to top speed with ease. The bike was harder to stop than my Ohtaki, the lack of flex paired with Sram Omniums drives extra force onto the pedals. This bikes is a beast like no other. We built it just the way Andy likes it, I'm sure he's going to have some fun. More photos here


All City Mr. Pink

I'm loving the new All City Mr. Pink. I saw a sneak peak on Prolly a few weeks back but not too much was revealed. New York brand All City will soon have a bike to cover all of my favourite angles. Fixed gear, road / touring & single speed cross. 
 The Mr. Pink represents a new breed of steel road frame. Decent tubing, versatile & hopefully not too expensive. Great for touring, weekend rides or commuting. When they drop in the UK we'll have one in for sure. 

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Dave Daniell is a Track racer with a very promising future and a hopeful for the 2012 Olympics. He paid us a visit the other day to pick our brains on the NJS kit that he has been instructed to get for the Keirin circuit in Japan as well as shop for an NJS approved frame. Having looked around the shop and scrutinised the Nagasawa frame, he took our S1 prototype out for a test ride around London. More photos here

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


PAM Cool Club

An homage to Colnago from Australian brand PAM. Available here


No5 Chain Lube

Not just a pretty bottle, this is great chain lube. Available here

Saturday, March 05, 2011


Custom Nagasawa

Nagasawa's look great in metallic colours. This frame just came in, we're looking forward to building it up. 


The Milani Accacio Purro is begging for the Sram Yellow edition group. Good thing we had a customer who felt the same. 


BAUM Cycles

Baum Cycles are the Australian Independent Fabrications. Their steel and ti bikes are stunning. The custom colour ways are some of the slickest I'v seen. 
Baum on custom colours - "Unlike many custom builders, we don’t allow free reign when it comes to paint customisation. We’ll admit to being picky about the way our bikes look on the road and trail because while your bike most definitely says something about you, it can’t help but to also speak about us.
Together we’ll devise a paint scheme, colour selection and component kit that makes your heart skip a beat; because we know as well as any good tailor does that the only way we get to look good is by making you look great." 


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