Monday, January 31, 2011


Ride Journal Issue 5

Its a great issue, packed full of great contributors. 

Continuing where the previous issues have left off we turn away from the race reports, route guides and bike reviews. Instead we’re still focusing on the riders themselves and the passion that pumps through their veins.

Covering all aspects of cycling there is everything from Scottish track racing, French BMX, Alpine freeriding, Spring Classics road races, commuting in Kampala, Japanese framebuilders, Canadian mountain biking and even a postman lamenting the sad loss of the post-bike.

As ever it’s not about the big names inside but we are very happy to have Graeme Obree, Michael Barry, Jamie Bestwick, David Millar and even djing legend Norman Jay joining us in this issue.

As well as the eclectic selection of articles we’ve also got a whole host of illustrators and photographers who once again bring a new dimension to the pieces with their killer art, including one of Singletrack readers favourite photographers Dan Barham.

There is also a few photo's taken in Japan by yours truly. Exclusive photos of Cherubim, Nitto & Nagasawa.

Available here. 


Exposure Flash Light

Expsure lights are the best around. If you after something a bit more longer lasting than a Knog start at the Flash light. CNC machined in the UK. Rechargeable batteries. Available here. £36.99. 


Stunning Royce Venus Road Hub

Royce Hubs are a thing of beauty. The shell of the Venus hub is like a sculpture. The spindle and cassette body are both titanium to boot. Available here

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Stunning Build by Icarus

There are so many things about this bike that I love. Obviously the paint, the mix of carbon and steel alloy throughout. See more over at Icarus


Not too much to post on lately so here's some filler. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Milani's up on the web

Milani bikes are up on the web. 

In the world of Italian cycle brands Milani is the real deal. The family have been making bikes in the countryside outside of Milan, Italy since 1927. All their frames are made there including the carbon range. The current president Celeste Milani is the third Milani to run the brand. Since taking over he has made Milani famous not only for the race worthy performance of the bikes but also for the stylish finish of the frames, finish recognised last year by Wallpaper magazine who awarded the brand a design award.

View Milani Bikes here


3Rensho Quill Stems

We have a few pantographed 3Rensho quill stems in stock. Available here


Excellent Review on T-Level Rolltop's at Pedal Consumption

Pedal Consuption always have great taste. This review is long over due! The T-Level Rolltop is an amazing bag. You can buy them from us here

Check the review here

Monday, January 24, 2011


Chari Co Visits Milkyway

Chari Co made a trip to Japanese frame painters Milky Way. From the photos I can see they are painting frames for Cherubim which is a testament to their skill! Something also tells me that Chari Co might have got an early glimpse at Konno's NAHBS entry...



We've got two of these classics


Grunge Allen Keys

Back in stock


Japanese Delivery - B Witch & Beams Restocked!

People have been going crazy over these bars all year, they've been out of stock for a while but finally they're back in. 

Beam Bars - £27
B-Witch - £35


Japanese Delivery - Dura Ace HP7410 NJS Headset / Dura Ace Track Nuts

This is one of the nicest headsets around. Just 101g, alloy & with Dura Ace quality sealed bearings. A bit of a rarity in JIS sizing. Available here

The track nuts are available here

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Japanse delivery - Great value NJS Chain Adjusters

These are some clean looking quality chain tugs. A quick fix to keeping your chain tight. 

Only £9. Here


Perfect Sense Movie Trailer - Check one of our builds at 1.15


Kalavinka Built with Broby Carbons

Insane build on a two tone Kalavinka

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Babycrow & Tokyo Fixed Merckx Poster

This was commissioned for a Christmas present, Dave drew me as the motorbike driver.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sweet Wheels Set - Broby Carbons on Dura Ace

Wow, thats a nice wheel. 28H Dura Ace on Broby Carbon Clinchers.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Tokyo Fixed X Topsafe Sticker Pack

Creative agency & online gallery Topsafe have teamed up with leading bike
outlet Tokyo Fixed, for the first in an ongoing collaboration.
Some of Topsafe's leading artists and designers created original headbadge
designs for Tokyo Fixed's customers headtubes.
The collaboration came about from a number of the artists on Topsafe's
roster involvement in fixed gear culture and Tokyo Fixed's desire to work
with artists who embody their brand on a daily basis and not just carry on
in the vein of many other bike companies who just apply art to bike
products with no real correlation.
The sticker packs feature work from Horfe, Emilski (X2), Roid, Hey Gee!,
Pref & Jamie Brown. The Red Emilski, Roid & Horfe stickers are soon to be
available as limited edition t-shirts. Please keep a look out for future
collaborations from these 2 young, London brands in the future.
Topsafe London is a creative agency that represents some of the leading
figures from the world's underground graffiti community.
You can learn more about them at

- To scale Tokyo Fixed logo sticker is 17.5cm
- All stickers are laminated and waterproof
- All stickers are kiss cut around the design


Used Giro up on the web

Giro up on the web. £650. 


Monday, January 17, 2011


Tonic Fabrication Vanishing Point

The Vanishing Point is looking incredible. Check the laser etched graphics.


T-Level Challengers & Rolltops Back in Stock

Back in stock! View them here


Straton under the wheel

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Recent Gangsta v2 Build

We sent a frame and some bits out to Kopenhagen recently. Mads did an amazing job on the build. I love the Kashimax rain tail. 


More Tokyo Fixed Frame Samples

We received another batch of prototypes. Although there will be a few small things changing on the final models we are really happy with them. The Dream Machine above is stunning mix of old and new. Its light enough to race around town but strong enough to be built up as a cargo bike. Est RRP is £450. Photos of the other two models to follow. 
More photos here


Red Bull Mini Drome

The Mini Drome was epic! Much harder than I anticipated. Trick riders smashed their way to the top. Our own Straton Heron came out of the qualifiers 5th out of more than 100 riders. He was knocked out by the over all winner Chris Akrigg in the quarter final in a epic race which ended in Chris running over Straton's back. Pretty brutal. 


3RENSHO's in Stock

Some incredible 3Rensho's in stock! Available here. More photos here

Friday, January 14, 2011



We have some crazy reductions on some awesome frames! This is a perfect time to grab a bargain. The Feather Cycles frames in store have been reduced along with the Brooklyn Machine Works Launchpad and the Volume Cutter. The Dolan Custom, built from Columbus Spirit tubing, has had a massive price drop to £350! Don't miss out!
The Velo Orange 'Croissaint Saddle bag' and the TLevel 'Postman Messenger bag' are among the bags in our January sale along with loads more parts and clothing so check it out for more deals. Sale starts Saturday 15th.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Leader 722TS

Great looking build. One of my favourite frames. Seen on Pedal Consumption


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