Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Photos from Japan

I recently returned from my first trip back to Japan since I moved back to London over two years ago. I returned with a little half Japanese baby and a mountain of suppliers and friends to visit. Busy trip. 
I will be releasing sets of photos ever few days and saving some of the best for the next issue of the Ride Journal. 
My first visit, on the way back from the Airport brutally jetlagged, is a legendary bike by the name of which I think translates as Nakayama Wheel School. The owner was once a 3Rensho dealer and after 3Rensho closed he received many of the models from the 3Rensho show room. This shop is a mecca for all fans of 3Rensho bikes. 

Every time I visit this bike shop the same Keirin rider is always here, normally on the rollers in the parking lot. Normally he wants to sell some of his old frames, all I wanted was his 3Rensho, his prized custom built training bike with smoky black effect on blood red. He replies with a bow and crossed hands "Not for sale".

This bike emerged on the web a while back. The shapes of the drilling stuck in my mind. Like patterns carved into a bike, all circles and spots. Even though I knew the bike was light I never expected it to be even close to its actual weight. The bike as photographed weighs 3.8kg. Full build excluding pedals. To put that into perspectve a light bike these days would be anything under 6kg. Anything between 4.5kg to 5.5kg is super light, this bike is 3.8kg! Given its a fixed gear, minus the pedals and it could give way under the weight of most men but it was build in 1970!I know little else the bike including the weight of the frame only. I would assume that the bike like many of the 3Rensho frames I come across here was a one off concept build, possibly for a show although it has been ridden, by I'm assuming a tiny little rider. They've taken weight saving to the absolute limit cutting off grams where ever possible. A testament to 3Rensho! 
Head to our flickr for more photos

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