Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Cancellara Descending Faster than the Camera's can keep up with...


Patrick Riding Fixed In the Swiss Alps

Patrick, formerly of Gorilla Bikes, is one hardcore motherfucker. We spoke a while back on one of his off days in the Swiss Alps, nursing his stiff legs and preparing his prototype bike for more carnage on the mountains. I know a lot more will be reveiled soon about both his bike and his adventures but for now check out Ian from Cutterskinks account. 


VAGX Stealth Series Coming Soon

VAGX have dropped a series of stealth bags. Black being everyones favourite colour these should go down a treat. The Kalavinka in the photo shoot is pretty stealth too. Check out more here

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Nike Tied Togethor Video

Its not every night night we choose to go riding at 02:00am in the pouring rain but for RED we'd do anything. The video looks great.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Check Point Race on Friday

Lots more sponsors than the last race. This is going to a lot of fun. 


Cadence X DVS Shoes

Our mechanic Greg & Mark Skulls made a rare purchase last week and bought a pair each. Like many they've been looking forward to a shoe that really works for them. It looks just as good as any skate shoe but has quality features which will make them last longer when riding and make them better for riding in. 
DVS - "Cadence Clothing collaboration series. Cycling inspired design. Thicker and stiffer lasting board to prevent fatigue. Reflective elements for improved night visibility. Suede overlay panels for cage grip. Mesh toe underlay for breathability and comfort. Perforated leather and backing material for breathe-ability. Custom tongue design that enables hidden lacing system"
Get them here. £60. 



We now have a live stock system for the websites front end! 

This means that when a product goes out of stock you will be unable to buy it. We will soon be displaying lead times for products out of stock which will allow you to buy products which are temporarily out of stock or custom orders only. 
 If something you wish to order is out of stock e-mail us regarding lead times. This update is a great relief to us as we hate selling product not in stock!


FTT edit #2 from Thomas Larsen Røed on Vimeo.

Nice edit from our friend Thomas at Fixiestudio

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Gorilla's gone but the Killroy lives on!

Most of you interested in the Killroy's would know that Gorilla Bikes went under. Luckily the workshop in Italy still have lots of frames that still need owners. The Killroy's are even more stunning than the last batch. Silky smooth finish with a soft touch of clear coat over the decals, Colombus logo is on there also. In stock again! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tokyo Fixed in Time Out Best Shops

We are in their Hot 50 list also. Read it here.


Shit Hot Tonic Supernaut Road Build

This is getting me very excited for our drop the new Tonic Vanishing Point frames and more Supernauts!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


New Works from The Master - DSC

Head on over to Death Spray Custom, there's lots of new work up. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nemesis Project Plymouth Track Fighter

Nemesis Project frames are all hand in North Cali. We order them through Brad, the same man who welds & designs them, the way it should be.
Nemesis are THE ONLY COMPANY offering the strength and quality of a MADE IN THE USA frame for this price. £499. Check it here


Bob Jacksons In Stock

Bob Jackson cycles are one of Englands most famous frame builders. They have been building and painting bicycles in Leeds since 1935. They are one of the last British workshops of this era and they're still going strong.

The Bob Jackson Vigorelli must be one of the most popular lugged track frames still in production. This is because of its incredible value. No other builder will offer a hand made frame of this quality for this price. Quality finish, quality brazing with a made in England stamp.

Check them here


Cadence X DVS Shoes Finally in Stock

They're finally in stock! They will be up on the site tomorrow and are available in store now. 


Tokyo Fixed Builds in this months Esquire

Esquire are doing a run on fixed gear bikes this month. We contributed a Mash and a Brother. 


Mark Skulls Harry Quinn / Another Blast from NZ

Amazing job on the Cinelli


Sexon Special Cherubim

Wow, this is such a stunner. I think they've lacquered over full a full chrome finish, a painting process rarely done any more. More here

Monday, August 16, 2010


Dave's 727

Dave from 5th Floors Leader.


Londons Best Bike Shops - Esquire

We were voted as one of London's best bike shops at Esquire Magazine. They missed out a few amazing shops but thanks for including us. Check it here


Chris's Identiti Persona Ad


Friday, August 13, 2010

The guys from Rotor UK were around today showing us their famous 3D cranks & Q Rings. The Q rings are elliptical which according to the Rotor is faster than standard round chain rings. This relatively small Spanish company machine all their parts in house in Spain. Their CNC cranks and Q Rings are currently used by the Cervello Test team. Its good to see such a big team breaking away from the normal groups with this kind of kit. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Third Installment

People are going to be getting fast. Lots of prizes!

T-Level is A company out of Korea making highly functional messenger bags and backpacks for cycling and urban expeditions. They make their bags from the highest quality materials such as Codura, Duraflex and YKK zippers, all of them have an insane amount of features that make them practical and versatile, with interchangeable buckles and straps for carry a wide range of loads. These are really good bags at an amazing price. Check them here.


Full Mission Workshop Line in Stock

Mission Workshop are making a big splash right now. They're roll top messenger bags expand upwards and outwards. More colours more styles in stock. Check them here.

 Smart new stuff. All MADE IN THE USA. Genuine leathers & a wax finish on the Minuteman bag. Wheelmen is all about style and quality. Check the new loot here.

Sofus Francisco straps are handmade in Denmark. The leather is 3mm thick, they come with doubleisers & the buckles are solid and simple. Sofus claim they have never experienced a tear. They come in six different colours also. Get them here. £45.


Selle Italia Flite

The early nineties Flite has been reissued. Same genuine leather finish & titanium rails. This saddle still has a place on any top end bike. Here.


Rouleur Magazine Issue 19 Now Out

As ever its a great issue. There's a piece on legendary frame builder Ron Cooper & amazing photos from the Japanese Keirin scene. Not one to miss. £9. Here.


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