Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brooklyn Machine Works stems in stock. These stems are super light weight. Design for downhill use but perfect for your trick bike. They are 31.8 but can easily be shimmed to fit 25.4. We've also got the new Cluster fork in stock. These are a classic Brooklyn design now made for 700c wheels & almost half the weight of the original cluster fork. We're also stocking the Brooklyn headsets. Get it here.


Ciamillo Cycling

I saw these brakes for the first time the other day. I love it when CNC alloy machined parts are lighter than most of the carbon competition. That's what you've got here although they do come in carbon also. Anyway the best part is that you can get every component of the brake in a different colour, yes the same as Paul & Chris but these guys are Italian. 
 Check out Ciamillo Cycling where you can design your own colour way and check out their submarine.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sunday Model C

Prolly just did a good post on the Model C. We've had one in the shop for a while so, great looking bike, great concept. Check it out here. £550 complete.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Go on little son

He's just got to win five more...


5th Floor Made it to Paris

More photos over on their blog.


We are now stocking Champfest Magazine

This is a great looking new London mag. Available in store.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Our new next door neighbours

A good friend of the shop Ben Wilson has just completed a new shop for old Soho residents Foot Patrol. To say this shop looks amazing is an understatement. We are very excited about developments to come in the area.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tokyo Fixed - Baby Crow "Robot Chase" Poster

We have been working with Baby Crow on our website. This image was created originally after a collaberation of thoughts between us and Baby Crow when we first started working with him almost a year ago. Baby Crow never drew it with the intention of it becoming a poster or ad but it is so amazing we just couldnt let it sit unseen. We are planning on releasing a few more of these to complete the series and story. 
- 84.5cm X 59cm
- High quality litho print, not digital! 

£14 . Check it here.


RAW Leader 722 & 729TRK

We have new stock of the Leader 722 & 729 in RAW, we've also got some 722's in white & blue. Check them here.


New Zlog T's


New VAGX Bags

Lots more stock on the VAGX bags including a new colour for the daypack & a new hip bag. Get it here.


130 BCD Snap Chainrings Now in Stock

Made exclusively for Tokyo Fixed. 130BCD. 39T, 42T, 44T, 46T. CNC machined in the USA. Get them here.


Park Tools Single Speed Spanner

Pair one of these up with a Crank Brothers multi tool & your sorted. Best thing about these tools is the weight, your not going to struggle getting your wheel off and the tools never going to break. Get one here.



New Rb002 stock.


Crank Bro's Signature Products in Stock

Multi tools don't come much better thank Crank Bro's multi tools. The same goes for the Egg Beaters pedals. Tough enough for commuting & off road. Get it here.


Campagnolo 2010 Caps

Get them here


Brooks Messenger Bag

Classy handmade messenger bags from Brooks. See it here.


Deuter Bags in Stock

These are great bags. Technical and stylish. These bags really work well when riding. Packed full of features. The best bags for serious riding, especially the Race which won't hold you back at all when you get going. See them here.


Atom Lab General Issue / Gusset Lil Git

Rock solid cock pit setup.


Raw Aerospokes in stock

Including new stock on all other models.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Emilski's debut show at Tokyo Fixed Tomorrow night!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Volume Thrashers in Stock

We have a few frames in stock with lots more coming next week. These frames have been long awaited and we've not been disappointed. This frame fits 45c wheels & bar spins with zero toe overlap. Its a pure trick frame. 
You won't find this frame anywhere else in Europe for a few more weeks. In stock now £345. 


Milltag Jerseys

For anyone that wears cycling jerseys Milltag jerseys are bound to excite. All runs from Milltag are limited edition, most are collaborations with artists & designers. We had Ed from Milltag around who showed their new Wiggo jersey. These were released last week and are selling fast, we will have a few in the shop next week. We're also going to be doing a design for an upcoming jersey. There's going to be lots more coming from Milltag this year including a broader clothing range which will all be available through Tokyo Fixed.


Justin from Mission Workshop drops in to show their new Rolltop Messenger Bags...

These messenger bags are just as innovative as their backpacks with five internal pockets, the roll top expansion and quality hardware and fabrics through out. The bags have really stepped it up for what you can get out of a messenger bag. For me a single compartment just doesn't do it, you get all the contents knocking against each other but with this messenger bag you get the quick access of a messenger bag with the advantage of lots of organized content safely stored away.
 We also saw Mission Workshops upcoming jacket. When this jacket drops It will undoubtedly set a new standard for a Winter riding jacket. I'm sure we will be hearing more about this jacket on Prolly very soon.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Cadence Fast Forward from last weeks Fast Forward

Last weeks fast forward was a great success. The race was fought hard by the leading pack who came in together within seconds.
London results:
Results: Darren ‘We Be Dazzin’ Coxon @ 41mins02secs
Overdrive @ 41mins02secs
Tim Hayward @ 41mins03secs
James Thorne Esq @ 41mins10secs
Tom Titty @ 41mins13secs
Mark Definietly Not @41mins36secs
Ryan the Canadian @ 43mins42secs
Alex Berry @ 51mins25secs
Rudy Melo @ 51mins25secs
10. Alex Le Feuvre @ 51mins26secs

In regards to the product behind the event, the Cadence X DVS shoes, these will be in stock very soon. We've seen a delayed delivery but have been assured they will be in stock before the end of July. E-mail us at if you have any enquirers or for back orders.


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