Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I came across this in relation to the funny Italian bike in the post below. I really hate it. This thing costs £3000 & goes 15MPH. Great thing to be selling in a recession. I'd like to see someone run into a eye level spike while riding a Yike Bike, Yikes!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"When will your webshop be back up?"

Apoligies for the lack of updates on the new webshop. We have not forgotten about our customers outside London! We have in fact had our heads to the grind stone day and night trying to get this project finished! Everytime we think we see the light we hit problems delaying completion. Making things even worse its the same team running the shop who are building this site so its been a bit of juggling game with lots of closed Mondays & data input Sundays. But we can see a light. Yes we are a pporaching completion. I don't want to hex things like I did in the last post by giving a launch date but I will say less than 10 days. 10 days is enough.
To check up on whats been going on, going out & coming in instore check our flickr.


Dolan X Deathspray X Tokyo Fixed

The Death Spray Custom X Tokyo Fixed X Dolan bike was built slowly & without much planning ahead. It started with a call from Terry Dolan's son Steven who told me they were releasing a new carbon track which was, unlike most carbon track frames, super light & affordable. The specs for the Seta got me very excited, Dolan agreed to let us try one out for road use. The frame he sent to us almost 5 months ago is the same we used for this project. After receiving the 1.1kg frame from Dolan I built it fairly quickly with thirty two hole hand built wheels & other fairly heavy component's swapped from another bike. I gave it a ride round the block then decided that slinging parts on the bike had done it no justice, it needed to be built light. Choosing the parts on the bike was also a bit of an unorganised process. I wanted the build to be light but not so light that it would be un rideable. This meant choosing quality components. The collaboration with Death Spray was almost accidental, I wanted the bike to have a gloss black finish, I asked David if he would like to paint it & trusted his logic & creative flare. Two weeks later he returns to me, what I would regard as the perfect paint job. Immaculate well thought out detail, finished to perfection. David is a master.
 We build a lot of bikes at Tokyo Fixed but this is the first time we've spent time really building a bike for our selves showing the parts we like to sell & the way we like to use them.

Big thanks to David at Death Spray Customs & Steven & Terry at Dolan Bikes.

Build Specs :
Frame - Dolan Seta (560)
Forks - Black Wave
Headset - Alpina
Bottom Bracket - Royce Racing Gold
Stem - Tune Geiles Stem
Bars - Use1 Atom Risers
Grips - Strong V
Crank - Sugino 75
Cog - Euro Asia Gold Medal Pro
Wheelset - American Classics 420
Seat Tube Clamp - Tune Werger Clamp
Seat Post - Tune Starke Stuck
Saddle - Tune Concorde Saddle
All parts availabe in store.

Bike Weight (Excluding Pedals) : 6.20 kg



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