Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Bedouin Bags Instore

Inspired by traditional craft, geometric art, the macabre and surrealism; designed for comfort and durability.

At Bedouin we believe in quality. We believe you should buy a bag that lasts a lifetime. We do not believe in disposable fashion and an endless replacement cycle; buy quality and buy it once. We are extremely confident of the quality and workmanship of our bags, that is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on materials and worksmanship from normal wear and tear. If you look after your Bedouin bag it should last generations, in fact it will get better as it gets older. In the unlikely case that the workmanship or materials are not up to scratch, send it back and we will fix it if it can be fixed. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Bedouin make well designed high quality bags, every aspect of our bags is thought through in extreme detail. Fabrics are sourced from the best British suppliers for their quality, durability and feel. The leathers are European or British and conform to strict EU regulations, naturally tanned using vegetable tanning agents. Stitching is of the highest quality and weight. The hardware on the bags is sourced from the best engineering companies, zippers are from Switzerland and the Cobra buckles are forged in Austria, noted for being the worlds strongest buckle. The bags are hand made in England, using a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that English luggage makers are known for.

We based the design of the bags on the metaphor of the Bedouin tent. A nomadic shelter, rugged and weatherproof on the outside, whereas inside they offer luxury, shelter and comfort. Our bags follow the same metaphor, rugged and durable on the outside, dust proof and water resistant. Inside, printed linings and padded compartments provide secure storage for your personal possessions.

A large capacity professional Courier Bag designed to fit the body, contract and expand depending on the load being carried. Constructed from waterproof 12 ounce ‘Rhinowax’ waxed canvas and top grain leather with a handprinted cotton drill lining. Buckles are Austrian Cobra buckles, the worlds strongest, the bag uses seatbelt grade nylon webbing and a quick release buckle system, heavily padded webbing set-up on shoulder allows for various accessories to be carried. Front zip pocket and several internal pockets. Worksmanship and materials are guaranteed for life.

Bags in store now - £350


Pedal.e.d & Nari Furi

Great new pieces in from cycling mad Japanese brands Pedal.e.d & Nari Furi.


HUF Caps N T's Instore

The best 5panel caps bar none.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ernest Csuka of Alex Singer Dies

Legendary frame builder Ernest Csaka dies aged 81. Csaka held the torch at the Alex Singer workshop for 50 + years contiuing the tradition of fully custom French randoners.


We're on Twitter

We're on Twitter. Loving it. Follow us to stay informed.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Wild Things Now in Store

I first came across Wild Things in the mountain wear store Bamboo Shoots in Nakanmeguro, Tokyo. Wild Things had made Bamboo Shoots some colour ways exclusively for them. Very nice stuff, nice colours and quality. Very warm! Lots more in store!
Wild Things was founded by two accomplished climbers, John Bouchard and Marie Meunier, in 1981. Since then, our Light is right philosophy has become the gospel for modern climbers, and we remain true to that philosophy, always striving to keep our products simple, durable and functional. Born from a tradition of alpine climbing, we realize that safety, performance and quality are the most important aspects of our products.
We’re proud to be able to manufacture our line here in the United States. We pride ourselves in our quality and craftsmanship, and our attention to detail. Our gear reflects the dedication and commitment our staff has to producing quality gear and embracing the vision of Wild Things, past, present, and future.
We use the best materials on the market today
Innovation has always been part of our process. We’re always looking for the best materials. The best materials are those that best fit the needs of our user


Sea of Kashimax

We just received a big delivery from Kashimax! Lots of padded saddles in stock. £80. More here.


Custom Colour Royce & White Industries

Looks good in black.


New parts...

Thomson, originally uploaded by

Since the shop opening we're got lots of new parts in. Talking Crank Bros, Chris King, Mavic, Nitto threadless stem, anodised Nitto & Hatta parts, Soma parts & frames, Pake frames.... enjoy!


Colnago Mexico

Colnago Mexico, originally uploaded by


Clapton Cinelli Supercorsa

Clapton Cinelli Supercorsa, originally uploaded by

Clapton Cinelli!


Chrismas with Outlier

For Christmas I took a pair of Outlier Workwear pants & a Merino Hoody. The Merino Hoody is lovely, fits like a dream & is cut to perfection. Its too cold to wear it on its own so I will have to wait for Spring to get into the riding properties.
The Workwear pants are out of this world. Anyone who has any issues riding in their normal trousers should commit to a pair. They move with your legs on the bike, feel strong & well made. The best feature though is the fabric. Liquids just role off. You get these & you'll wonder how you live without. I also have the Merino T. I've had this since Summer. Its by far the nicest fitting & feeling T I won. So many fitted T's are so soft they wont last. This T is made from Merino so its weighty enough to be strong & warm yet the merino properties keep it breathable.

We've got the T's, trousers, tops & caps in stock now.


Fixed Athens

We've been sending stuff out to Athens for a long while now! The Greek love to ride their fixi's & now they've got a blog representing!


I saw a fully built, no expenses spared bike on eBay recently which really made me sick. It made me so sick I had a subconscious urge to start looking at really nice bikes. I thought the nice bikes deserved a post, I'll leave you guessing on the not so nice one.
Links in same order as the photos;

Cinelli Supercorsa
1984 Alan SR Carbonio
Kimori Colossus Single Speed Bike
Anchor Bridgestone PHR7
3Rensho Super Record



After a short much needed Christmas break we're back to normal opening hours;

11:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Also our new website is now in the testing phase. It will be handed over to us sometime next week & we should see a mid January launch. The fact that we missed Christmas does of course annoy us but it was very important for us to integrate stock in the shop live with the stock on the website.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Our new ad for Fixe & Fixed Mag


B-Witch Risers

B-Witch Risers, originally uploaded by

B Witch Risers £35

Back in stock !


Star Fuckers Saddles Instore

White, black, red, blue & yellow in stock. £40.


Bored X Star Fuckers Hubs

Bored X Star Fuckers Hubs, originally uploaded by

Google Translate - Holes 36H hub tracks.
Front-end width HUB100mm, Rear 120mm, Front Weight 213g rear 265g.

HUB mirror shell is hard chrome plated finishing. REAR HUB is with stainless steel lock ring. Corresponds to the general Earoburedosupoku spoke holes in the keyhole process.

削Re Shotoakusuru to protect the axle shafts threaded nut on a long fall and is supported hollow shaft diameter hole quick.

Carefully one by one by the hand of Mr. Naito was decorated with shields bearing BORED standard tunes. Now turn to the HUB does not think well enough.

Walk down really well to ensure a smooth glide soundlessly. Please've been using it now compared to the HUB.

6061 aluminum hub shell material, material locking nut 2017 Duralumin

Hub nut 7075 duralumin material, material SCM415 Kuromori axle shafts, stainless steel lock ring material.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Volume Thrasher! - Another Trick Frame Coming Soon!


Instore Soon!

KILROY from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

The Kilroy is finally here! We will have the first batch in soon! Look out of dates on the UK launch. We will be holding a little party with a video screening to launch the Kilroy. Dates TBC.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Feather Cycles Frames In Store

Feather Cycles Frames In Store, originally uploaded by


Tons of Korean Track Frames In Store

Tons of Korean Track Frames In Store, originally uploaded by


New DMR Fixed Trick Fork

New DMR Fixed Trick Fork , originally uploaded by


Death Spray Custom Delivery

Death Spray Custom Delivery, originally uploaded by

Friday, December 04, 2009


Shop Front

Shop Front, originally uploaded by

We finally got some photos of the shop up. Everything you see if for sale. Contact us for orders! We are doing our best to keep up with e-mail order.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Whats up with the webshop???

Our web shop will be down for a little longer. It WILL NOT be down permanently!

We are currently testing a new system which will allow us to run our web shop in real time with our new shop front. This means that all stock available from our shop will be available online. This also means that customers will be able to view or stock levels & lead times.

Cheers for waiting.


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