Friday, July 31, 2009



Macaframa from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Macaframa SF Track Bike Promo from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Two years in the making! The MACAFRAMA DVD is finally In! GET IT HERE


Newport Apparel Coming Soon

Newport Apparel Coming Soon from Osaka, Japan.


I'v Never Seen Anything Quite Like This...

... Custom Serotta track Ti frame. James really has some class! A rare thing with many builds these days. More photos here.


Wheel Builds

We are working on a wheel building feature for the web shop but until then please bare in mind that: WE BUILD WHEELS! Yes, £20 per wheel. We stock a whole range of spokes; sapim, halo. We can complete wheels overnight if requested.


Dodici in J***n

Where else?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Skull Disco- BUY BUY BUY

Somewhere in the world (probally Japan) a charge plug frame is being sold second hand for £450. Balance the scales and bid high on this amazing frame. Now on EBAY!


Nari Furi X Fred Perry Shirts In!

We've had these amazing shirts in for a while now but some how they never got a post. Here they are.


Some Recent Purchases

Moser hour record Track Frame.

Geoffrey Butler Track Frame. Nervex lugs.

Carbon NOS Allan road frame.
New frames in. The Geoffrey Butler is going up in the frames section. The other two are awaiting builds. Being a fan of strange track bikes I couldnt pass up the chance to own the Moser, built as a replica of the bike Moser used in his hour record. Looks a lot like Obree's design. The Alan is another weird classic.


Tokyo Road Bike

Colnago C-40 with Mavic Cosimc wheels, Record Chainset, Cinelli bar tape.
NOS Titanium LOOK KG 292, Mavic wheels, Centaur carbon chainset, brookes saddle.

If anyone gets the urge to ride the open road give us a call. We build them super light and make sure they look good, because stripes make the bikes faster.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Colnago C35 24K gold on Yahoo Auction

Currently on Yahoo auction Japan. The asking price seems to be

1,200,000.00 JPY


7,704.61012 GBP

Friday, July 24, 2009


Bike Carnival 09

Bike Carnival at Tokyo's Tama Hill's Velodrome. Sometimes I do laps at Reading but not like this, not like this...



The Volume Cutter V3's are finally in. The new spiders & Fu Manchu forks are in too!


Recent Builds & My Bike!

More Here


Nike / Livestrong project designers Ride London

Nike / Livestrong project designers have come to London to start their big ride to Paris.

Kyle Demers from New York City, Jupiter Desphy from Los Angeles, Superted from London, Takaharu “Hal” Okada from Tokyo, Yorgo Tloupas representing Paris, Berlin’s Henrik Kuerschner, Massan from San Francisco & Andy from FGL. All riding from London to Paris in the spirit of the Tour, & Nike X Livestrong shoes.

More photos here.


Gangster Track Delivery

We've got lots more Gangster Tracks in stock including their new raw finish & tricky to find 29.8 seat post.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Half Links - New from Gusset

Each link overlaps the next, combined with square riveted pins, reduces risk of chain breakage (falling apart).
Grind friendly straight outer plate edges, avoid getting hung up.
Cutaway inner plate edges give improved sprocket wrap, allowing perfect running down to 8 teeth sprockets.
Slotted plates, reduce excess weight.
SCM steel with Carburized Nitrogen heat treatment provides breaking strength of 1300Kgf.


Kinky Life

Post on a post. TFG T's in Japan. Check that old pisto blog Kinky Life.


Courage Cycles

I saw these drop outs on the Prolly blog. USA frame builders courage cycles. Seems to me like we need more people doing this kind of thing in England. Maybe some of the US builders should come over, god knows there's enough of them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Will's Figmo

Will's new Figmo build. Very stealthy.



We've got some classic Surly Steam Rollers in & some new photos of a brand new Eimei.


TWO n Fro

Cycling clothing brand TWOnFro have moved in down the road from us onto Westboarne Park Road. Anyone with any interest in bicycle's, fashion & great design will love this store.


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